OEM WLAN Serial Server module

OEM WLAN Serial Server module, is designed as a small, low cost 802.11b Wireless LAN Link

for embedding into OEM devices.

The OEM Module has a full-duplex asynchronous serial channel with optional Logic Level (TTL) or RS232 signals. The RS232 version of the OEM Module can replace a device’s RS232 connector and cable. The Logic Level (TTL) version can connect directly to an embedded device’s microprocessor UART signals.


Small Size: only 60 x 40 mm


Compatibility: The OEM Module can connect with any 802.11b wireless network or access point in Infrastructure mode. In Ad Hoc Mode (peer-to-peer) the OEM module can connect to another OEM Module, Laptop, Notebook and any

802.11b compatible device.


Security: OEM supports 64/128-bits WEP security.


Bit rates: 9600 up to 115 Kbps serial interface


Low power Current: Rx: 210mA, Tx: 350mA (Max.). Power Save Mode: 80 mA