8-port RS-485 hub.

The DZC-ATC-1208 is an industrial RS-485 bus splitter hub, providing 8 separate channels.

It supports a maximum transmission speed of 115.2KBPS.

This device has inbuilt photoelectric isolation technology. The 600W surge protection circuit provides 3500V isolation, effectively protecting the device against lightning and ESD. It has been specifically designed for outdoor engineering applications.

The DZC-ATC-1204 uses an identification circuit that can detect direction of data and switch control automatically. This solves the time lag issues of RS485 circuits during reception and transmission.

The interface is compatible with the EIA/TIA RS-232C, RS-485 standard

LED indications are available for TX and RX on the RS232 uplink port and port malfunction for the 4 RS485 ports.

The Uplink is an RS232 connection which can be used to connect the RS485 network to a PC.

This device is ideal solution to make an RS485 network more robust. Each port has short and open circuit protection. This makes the network more resilient to single device failures.











G.703 balance to imbalance Converter


The DZC-ATC-703 allows 75 Ohm coax hardware to communicate with 120Ohm twisted pair equipment. It specifically address the ONP requirement that European PTTs offer 120 Ohm twisted pair terminations to their customers. Some PTTs and private carriers are standardized on 75 Ohm coax, or have customers whose CPE has only 75 Ohm coax connections.

The DZC-ATC-703 presents a solution to this termination mismatch by allowing a bi-directional conversion of coax (75 Ohm) to a twisted pair (120Ohm ), supporting data rates to E1 (2.048 Mbps).