RS-232 serial port photoelectric isolator

This device protects the RS232 serial port from static electricity, surges and ground loops.

It has powerful anti-jamming capabilities. Transmission speeds up to 57.6kbps are supported.

Main Features:

Interface: Conforms to EIA RS-232 and CCITT V.24 asynchronous protocols

Connector: DB9 connectors on both sides

Transmission mode: Asynchronous, full duplex, fully transparent

Isolation voltage : 2500V sequence or 7500V impulse

Speed: Maximum 57.6 kbps

Power supply: No External Power Supply Required

Working environment: 0 to 50DegC (0%-95% RH)

Housing:  ABS plastic 







Photoelectric isolation long distance transceiver


The DZC-ATC-155 performs full-duplex transmission of asynchronous data over four wires (two twisted pairs).

The data transmission between each line driver utilizes differential signaling that is immune to electrical interference and therefore makes it ideal for use in light manufacturing and industrial office areas. It can run up to speeds of 57.6 kbps

Main Features:

- Extend the communication distance of RS-232  serial ports up to 2 kilometers

- Balance current transmission, powerful anti-jamming capacity

- Photoelectric isolation prevents devices to be damaged by ground loops and surges

- Isolation voltage up to 3500V

- Support RS-232 asynchronous communication standard

- Need no external power supply

- Transmission speed up to 57.6kbps

- Full duplex or simplex mode, compact size