RS-232/485 Mini Power Wireless Module (1000m)

The DZC-ATC-873 is a low power wireless device, used for serial data transmission over short distances (Maximum 500m). The different models provide TTL, RS232 or RS485 on the serial interface.


It is very compact (44X27X8mm) with low power consumption, has good stability and is very reliable.

This module can be used for wireless water, electric or gas meter reading, parking meter, electronic weighting apparatus, building management control, alarm systems, intelligent equipment, automatic data collecting systems, industrial remote controls or similar applications.


Main Features:

 Modulation mode: FSK/GFSK

 Working frequency: 433MHZ

 Transmission power: 100mW

 Receiving sensitivity: -121dBm

 Transmitting current: less than 40mA

 Receiving current: less than 20mA

 Sleeping current: less than 1uA

 Baud Rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200

 Power supply: 9-12VDC