Protocol Conveters:

The DZC-ProtoCon-IE1 is a product specifically developed for Innovative Energies, a New Zealand based company, manufacturer of high quality No-Break, DC, UPS and complementary power electronic products and technologies with 20 years of trading experience.

The DZC-ProtoCon-IE1 can only be purchased from Innovative Energies. The data on this website is only for information purposes. Please contact us on for further details

This product acts an interface between a modbus network and the SR100C Power supply. The following parameters can be monitored via the modbus interface:

Control of the Power Supply is also available:

The Protocol Converter is supplied with a programming software and programming cable. The software enabled the user to set the baud rate and modbus address of the device while also making it possible to monitor the various power supply parameters.

System Schematic:
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