Protocol Conveters:

The DZC-ProtoCon is a configurable RS232/RS485 Serial to Modbus RTU Protocol Converter. Any device having a master-slave type ASCII communication interface can be connected to Port 1 of the DZC-ProtoCon. Port 2 is the Modbus Slave.
Information received from the device connected to Port 1 will be available in Modbus registers on Port 2. The placement of the information in Modbus registers can be customized to meet the customers requirements. Port 2 is also used to configure the converter. Setting of the baud rate and Modbus slave address is possible via Port 1.
If the device is sitting at the end of the network a termination resistor is included in the package and can be used simply by shorting two connections.
Port 1 is RS485 for this model. Port 2 has both communication standards implemented.
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Low Price.
No charges for configuration.
(Conditions Apply)
Made in New Zealand.
Wide Supply Voltage Range 10V to 30V DC
The protocol converter’s communication parameters are software configurable
The protocol converter can be reset to factory settings by shorting two connections at power-up
Integrated 120Ohm Resistor, selectable by shorting two external connections
Modbus Connection provides the information available via the serial port in Modbus registers
Power Supply ON Indication. RED indication showing if supply is available to the unit
LED indicator flashes when device is successfully communicating with serial device
LED indicator flashes when device is being polled on the Modbus network
One module DIN rail mounted package, 25mm Wide
Removable connectors makes it easy to replace devices on the field.
Programming Cable and software Included
System Schematic: