DIIO System - Modular Distributed Intelligent IO System:




70mm Base with Capacity of up to 4 IO Cards


Fused 12V AC/DC Power Supply Card


CPU Card with up to 14 IOs - No Real Time Clock

DIIO-CommsRS232 Non Isolated RS232 Communication Card
DIIO-CommsRS485 Non Isolated RS485 Communication Card
DIIO-CommsRS485Iso Isolated RS485 Communication Card
DIIO-DI-VFR-2 Digital Input Card, 2 Volt Free Contact Inputs
DIIO-DO-DRO-2 Digital Output Card, 2 Darlington Outputs
DIIO-AI-010-2 Analogue Input Card, 2 x 0 to 10V Analogue Inputs
DIIO-AO-010-2 Analogue Output Card, 2 x 0 to 10V Analogue Outputs
DIIO-AuxPower-A Auxiliary Power Card, Isolated 5V and +/- 15V Supplies
DIIO-NetworkCntA Configurable Network Controller Base Module