DIIO System - Modular Distributed Intelligent IO System:


The DIIO-MC-DOL1 is part of the D.I.I.O family of products.
This module is specifically programmed to control one Direct On-Line starter either via local push buttons (Local Mode) or remotely via a SCADA sysem (Remote Mode). It also provides information such as trip and control failure alarm indications and run indication.
Modbus RTU is implemented on a configurable serial port as Non Isolated RS232, Non Isolated RS485 or Isolated RS485.
Status indications are available for communications activity, system watchdog, power indication and the various digital input statuses.






Top Screw Type Connections
Bottom Screw Type Connections
* Different Part Number have to be ordered for the various configurations
Card Configuration:
This device is part of the D.I.I.O. family of devices. Each device consists of a back plane and plug-in cards assembled to carry out the desired function of the module.
Cards are available for digital outputs, digital inputs, analogue outputs, analogue inputs, power supplies, CPU and communications.
A Modbus network controller is also available in the range, that manages Modbus traffic making this system ideal for controlling remote equipment with few easy configuration steps.

Wiring Diagrams:
Programming Software
Each device in the D.I.I.O. family of devices can be configured via one software environment offered for free with each device or system.
The D.I.I.O. System Programmer can either be used to program individual devices or the network controller, which controls the flow of information across the system.
This software has been developed using the latest .NET environment and is very intuitive and easy to use.
Communication parameters and Modbus addresses can be changed using this software with a press of a button.

Part Numbers:








DIIO-MC-DOL1: Motor Controller, Direct On-Line Starter with Modbus Interface